Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simple Wishes Hands Free Nursing Bustier

The ladies at Simple Wishes were kind enough to send me one of these little beauties, even though I'm not nursing or pumping at the moment. Soon enough but not yet. I've already nursed and pumped with 2 little people and- where the heck was this thing the whole time???
At first the question "Um, what are you doing with your hands while you're pumping that you can't hold your bottles on?" The answer: EVERYTHING- especially if you have older children. I can't imagine a nursing/pumping WOHM not needing and adoring one of these. Its ridiculously genius as I'm sure many of you can relate to needing several sizes of bra from postpartum til you were done nursing. The beauty of this is in its size-ability. There are 2 sizes, SM/MD, and LG/XL. Not that theres anything wrong with being a L/XL but- I gotta admit that having SOMETHING- ANYTHING with the word "small" on it nowadays makes me smile. :) The versatility is in the zippers and adjustable straps. You can zip it down the front and the back to make it your perfect size. I LOVE that about it. You can also make it tighter as you "deflate" and your bottles get heavier the longer you pump. I can't say enough nice things about this, and highly recommend you get yourself one if you plan on electric pumping with any regularity. You'll save sanity and maybe give an elder sibling a little more "hands on" time that they maybe couldn 't have had otherwise (we moms only have 2 hands ya know...when will someone invent a product for THAT?)
Another ND 2 thumbs up!

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