Sunday, June 28, 2009


We have some great banners designed by CJI Web Studio! Please make sure you read correctly and add the appropriate banners to the appropriate place. We don't want to turn a one way link into a reciprocal link!

Banners to place on your blog:
These banners should be placed on your blog. They link to this blog giving us a one way link which will increase the page rank of this blog which will increase the value of your review. Make sure you use the html code so that they are linkable. Remember, you can just add us to your "blog roll" or "sites we like" category instead of using a banner.

Banners to place on your website
These banners you can place on your website, preferably the home page, once your review has been completed. They will link to giving us a one way link. Please leave it up for at least 6 months. Choose your favorite and use the html code to put it on your site home page.

Text Link: If you would like to simply use a text link on your home page, please use this html code:
It will appear as: Gifts for Mom, Shopping, Fun Parenting Tips

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