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In order to get your site reviewed please fill out our easy to use form.  We are currently asking a fee of $15.00 for us to complete a review of your site. We'll use 5 links to your site. You are welcome to tell us what links to use. You can also let us know what specific photos to use in our review or we will choose for you. This will be a lifetime back link to your site that will always be increasing the value of your site in the search engines eyes.

Why Should You Get a Website Review?SEO of websites is confusing and hard to understand. One thing that is know is that one way links increase the credibility of your site. Links from blogs tend to weigh more heavily on the search engines scales. Having several blogs link to your website is a good thing, especially if they have high page rank themselves. That's why we've created this blog. We intend to help out WAHM's by giving them keyword rich reviews. Great for SEO purposes and great for our readers. Hopefully it'll bring you happy search engine bots and a few customers!

What's Involved on My End?

First - follow our blog. Next, fill out this form. Once we receive the form back will put your review on our schedule page. Check our schedule page to see when you can expect your review.

We will invoice you via paypal within a few days of your review. Once your review is up, we'll send you an email to let you know. We would appreciate it if you could tag us on Facebook. Remember - the more sites we review on this blog, the stronger your links will become.

What Should I Expect on the Review?

We believe in making our website reviews fun and through for our readers. We want it to be great content as well as fabulous links to your site. We will use at least 300 words in our review and include 5 back links as well as photos. You can either tell us what products, photos,categories and keywords to promote or we can select for you.

Nanny Deprived Reviews reserves the right to refuse reviews to certain sites. We feel strongly in helping WAHM's, Dads and small businesses.

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