Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nourish Baby and Toddler Water

A little backstory for you...
In October 2010, we attended the ABC Kids Expo here in Vegas and there were more nonsensical products than we could possibly wrap our minds around. Like wolf packs preying on first time parents- there was alot of crap that SEEMED like a fabulous idea but in reality, were quite unnecessary. Amanda, a mother of 3 and myself, of 2 walked around commenting the obvious: "Yeah, best of luck wrangling my son in THAT" or "The baby would throw that at my head before she'd use it." Then we came upon Nourish Baby and Toddler water. The concept was a little wasteful at first to me as I try really hard to use reusable bottles and containers but- thats where I was wrong. These bottles (especially the Toddler) are FANTASTIC. You can reuse them (and they even go in the dishwasher!!!!) It doesn't specifically say on the website that you should pop 'em in the DW but, you heard it here... you SO CAN!!!
Let me also say that my son does NOT drink water. I know, I know.."babies need water, etc etc" but all lecturing aside...he just doesn't like it. I popped some ice cubes in there for him and he drank the whole thing! That alone is worth it for me. Not to mention the fact that the neck is wide enough to be able to pop some ice cubes in there...excellent idea.
The spill proof-ness is superb. That thing got thrown around my van like noones' business and not a drop spilled out.
The baby Nourish was quite nice as it has room for formula to be added. That always drove me nuts, not knowing how much water to add...too much and you had spillovers, too little and you had mud. Nourish baby is premeasured and once again, I can't say enough nice things about that wide spout.
The price per Nourish is a little steep, I will admit. You wouldn't buy these for everyday (unless you're a Rockerfeller perhaps) but on trips, Disneyland, a day at the outlet mall, etc where convenience is key-- these are the only things you will want to pack with you to drink. Heck, my 7 year old was caught sipping her brothers water "because its so sparkly good!" Sparkly? OK...I won't ask...
More places need to catch on and start selling these babies..
A NannyDeprived 2 thumbs up, definitely.

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