Friday, August 28, 2009

Personalized Crystal Beaded Jewelry

Dear Heart Designs is a website with charm. They offer handmade Swarvoski bracelets, custom awareness jewelry and personalized crystal beaded jewelry all with lots of meaning. If you have had a meaningful event in your life, chances are you can find some jewelry here to represent it.

Dear Heart Designs has multiple custom awareness bracelets for various illnesses, issues and disorders. They specialize in cancer awareness jewelry. By purchasing a custom made awareness bracelet or jewelry you are showing your support and bringing attention to the problem. Not only that, but Dear Heart Designs will donate 15% of the proceeds to a charity of your choice. Doing good never felt or looked so great!

Bottle cap necklaces are becoming a hot trend. Dear Heart Designs has a great selection of fun bottle cap jewelry. These are great for birthday gifts, thank you gifts or stocking stuffers. This fun jewelry is a great way to express youself. Wear a different one every day.

One of my favorite things sold at Dear Heart Designs is their family generation bracelets. These family bracelets are fully customizable to show off your family. You can represent as many generations as you want to. You can customize the colors, sizes, and shapes of the beads to represent each person close to you.

Take a look at Dear Heart Designs and their beautiful personalized crystal beaded jewelry. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Handmade Carribean Artisan Jewelry

There's no place like the Caribbean. Just thinking about it takes me to a relaxed state. All of my thoughts of diapers, grocery lists, and what's for dinner disappear when I think about the blue green water and white sand beaches of the Caribbean. I want to go back so bad I can taste the salty air.

Caribbean Jewelz captures those wonderful relaxed feelings and thoughts, in jewelry. I'm not sure how they are able to take beautiful semi precious gemstones, beads, silver and gold and turn them into a memory of the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean but they do. Each piece of handcrafted jewelry is produced and designed by a Caribbean Artisan and made to represent the beautiful land they are from. This Caribbean jewelry is a must have for your summer wardrobe or a quick trip to the Caribbean.

I find this website fascinating in their pictures of the Caribbean. What's more fascinating is that they put the handmade jewelry they created next to the picture so show you how exactly alike they are.

For example, this tropical beads bracelet has the exact same colors as the reef shown in the picture. Each of their handmade bead bracelets capture the feeling of Caribbean reefs, beaches waters or sand.

Along with the other great handcrafted jewelry, Caribbean Jewelz also sells exquisite handmade necklaces that also give you the feeling of the Caribbean. Their Spiral Coral Handcrafted Necklace is a superb representation of the beautiful colors that can be found in the Caribbean landscape.

I could literally spend hours looking at Caribbean Jewelz and reminiscing of my glorious life before kids when I was able to travel to such beautiful places.
Caribbean Jewelz has fabulous prices. They also offer some holiday jewelry to consider if plans for a Caribbean jaunt are far off.

You can use coupon code: caribe for %15 off your total order. Good until Sept 11.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Unique Baby Boutique

If you are looking for a darling and unique place to shop for the little ones in your life, you have found it in KateyJades Baby Boutique. It's a truly unique baby boutiqe offering a wide variety of goods for newborn babies, mothers, toddlers and kids. They offer everything from organic gifts and products for babies to custom photo invitations and birth announcements. It's a one stop shop for all of your baby and kid needs.

Katey Jades Baby Boutique has an entire category of goods all about Halloween. This was my favorite place to poke around. Their Halloween Boutique had hair clippies, adorable boutique costumes, and darling handmade newborn baby hats. It's a fun place to shop for costumes and fun accessories for one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.

I also enjoyed browsing through Katey Jades "Green Section" of their store. They have a super selection of fun organic onesies, gift sets and bath products. I especially loved the Rock Star Baby Celebrity Gift Bag. It looks like a fun and functional gift for a new baby.

Katey Jades Baby Boutique also has a complete line of photo cards available to make custom made to your specifications. They have baby announcements and darling photo invitations to really set your child's birthday party apart.

Katey Jades Baby Boutique has a very large assortment of fun products for babies, kids and moms. If you are searching for a gift or just browsing on the web, this is a definite place to take a look.

Katey Jades is offering a discount for our readers: Use Disc10 for 10% off of your purchase. This expires Jan. 1/2010. You can also try the code: freeshp for free shipping on orders over $150. Also expires Jan. 1/2010

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Variety of Baby Slings

I didn't believe in slings for babies. I thought they looked uncomfortable and unsafe. When I had my second baby I had a friend make a ring sling for me and I tried it. After the first time I wore my baby I was hooked. My third baby lived in her sling from day one. It was easier for me to "sling her" than carry the giant honking baby carrier/car seat around in stores. I had three kids to take grocery shopping and I needed easy. Plus my daughter loved the movement and snuggily feeling. I loved having her close, within reach of me but able to have my arms free. The sling was the greatest baby accessory I ever bought.

Baby So Smart is a retailer of fine baby slings. They carry almost every type of sling available and know a great deal about slinging and the benefits of slinging your baby. If you are new to the idea of slinging or know exactly what you are looking for, take a look at the great styles, fabrics and designs of slings available at Baby So Smart. They offer Mei Tai baby carriers, ring slings, silk baby slings and more.

One of my favorite slings sold by this company is the Inspiration Sling which is a ring sling made with a cashmere/silk blend of fabric. It's reversible for two great looks and I'm sure it's super soft to the touch. Silk baby slings are perfect for newborn babies to wrap them in the softest fabric available.

The Mei Tai baby carrier is also available at Baby So Smart. I love their fabrics and style of Mei Tai carrier. The Mei Tai is an old Asian style of carrier and their fabrics look Asian inspired which is a fun and popular design today. These carriers are great for older babies and even small children. They custom make your Mei Tai to your specifications to make the absolute perfect carrier for you.

Baby So Smart is offering a sale for our readers. Just use the coupon code "NanDep" at checkout for a 20% discount. Not valid on sale items and it expires 30 days from the publish date of this blog entry.

Beautiful Baby Jewelry

The Gingham Grasshopper is a one stop shop for baby jewelry, mother's jewelry and christening gifts. They offer all types of mother's bracelets and baby bracelets and so much more. I love that this business even offers jewelry pouches to keep your special gifts in as well as a restringing service to allow baby's bracelet to grow with her. It's a beautiful place to find some fine handcrafted jewelry for both baby and mom.

If you are searching for a beautiful gift for a new baby or special child in your life you must take a look at the Gingham Grasshoppers line of baby jewelry and children's jewelry. They offer baby necklaces, children's necklaces, engraved bracelets, anklets, earrings for children and baby and much much more. The Gingham Grasshopper has a large selection to choose from and offers free engraving and standard shipping.

The Gingham Grasshopper makes and sells precious handcrafteted baby bracelets and children's bracelets. Most are personalized and again, can be restrung as your child grows. Children's jewelry make fabulous birthday or holiday gifts and will be cherished forever.

Mother's bracelets are also a speciality of the Gingham Grasshopper. They offer the perfect bracelet for any new mommy. Made with exceptional gemstones and created how you want them, these mommy bracelets are some of the finest quality and craftsmanship around. You can have your children's names strung into your bracelet to personalize it and make it completely special.

The Gingham Grasshopper also has a special category of baby jewelry for christening gifts or baptism gifts. This group of children's jewlery includes chirstening bracelets, necklaces and rings adorned with crosses and some baptism bracelets can be personalized to make the perfect gift on that special day.

If you are looking for handcrafted baby, children or mother jewlery, the Gingham Grasshopper is the place to shop.
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