Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little Monkey Store

I tried. I really tried.

I tried to be a great mom and use cloth diapers. I did some preliminary research, visited a friend who used cloth, and bought a few kinds of diapers. And that's when I realized, I'm just really bad at keeping up with the laundry. I failed at cloth diapering.

This little Monkey store is so darn cute, it could almost make me want to try again! They have so much information about diapering and the right kinds of diapers. Their Cloth Diapering 101 section was a great wealth of knowledge for under diaper educated moms like me.

The Little Monkey gives discounts for larger orders and they also have a points reward program. The more you shop, the more you save. It's a perfect cloth diaper store.

While visiting the site, I really fell back in love with the idea of cloth diapering. I just love how cute they look on my daughter's bum. I think if I went back to it, I would try the bum genius cloth diapers because they are one-size cloth diapers. I feel like my money would be well spent with them. I also love the amount of information the Little Monkey Store gives with each product.

The Little Monkey Store also has some cute reusable cloth swimming diapers. Swim diapers can get expensive. Especially if you are like me and try to wear your kids out by hitting the pool daily. These cloth swim diapers are totally on my list for the summer.

The Little Monkey Store has adorable Nifty Nappys which are fitted diapers. I learned that fitted diapers are cloth diapers that can be used no matter what size your little one is. They should be the only diaper needed until you potty train! They also fit more closely, reducing the bulge like disposable diapers can cause.

If you have no clue, think you can't do it, or you are a pro already, this is the store for you for all of your cloth diapering needs!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shabby Bebe

Shabby Bebe is a baby boutique with a large selection of great gifts, boutique clothing and much more. This website has an abundance of products to choose from and I'm especially amazed at the amount of holiday products available.

Shabby Bebe has a great assortment of fluffy handmade tutus. They have tutus in almost every color selection. Even if you can't find the exact colors you need, I'm sure they can custom create the right tutu for your little one. There is even a selection of pom pom filled tutus!

Shabby Bebe has a great selection of birthday tutu outfits and Disney Character outfits all perfect for a party, portraits or a special trip.

Also at Shabby Bebe are baby handmade car seat covers which are perfect to keep your little ones car seat clean. Infant girl car seat covers are all the rage today because they can be custom made to suit your style.

Go shop at Shabby Bebe to find exactly what you are looking for! Shop now and get $5.00 off of your purchase with the code "Blog" at checkout!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The REAL Housemommies

Are there any other REAL HOUSEWIVES annoyed at the portrayal of the TV Shows "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ..."? I am. I understand the people they choose to go on those shows are chosen for their elegant lifestyles and the fact that they are likely to fight with one another but come on! Who lives like that? Not me.

A fabulous blog has been brought to my attention. It's fun, has lots of great conversations and you can learn a lot from a quick browse around. And it is REAL Housemommies talk. It has interesting topics that normal mommies can relate to. There are great recipes, reviews, looks at other websites relating to moms etc. It's fun, quick and easy. The way mommyhood is. Except maybe the easy.
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