Thursday, July 23, 2009

Innovative Baby Products

Looking for innovative baby products? Look no further than the Baby Tree Boutique. The Baby Tree carries many luxurious products such as diaper bags, bling wipe cases, swaddle blankets and more to make caring for a baby a breeze.

The Baby Tree has a unique and fun line of diaper bags made by Rock n Moms. These bags add some pizazz to diaper bags with fun tattoo styled logos and great fabrics. Most diaper bags are waterproof to avoid any messes and keep your bag looking great. These bags even come with all the accessories you need in your bag such as a changing pad, pacifier pod, and stroller straps. You get it all with these bags.

The Baby Tree can also bring some pizazz to diaper changing with these adorable bling wipes cases. The cases can be personalized with baby's name or left blank. These bling wipes cases make an adorable shower gift idea or new baby gift.

The Baby Tree has a large selection of reversible baby slings. These slings produced by Mod Mum are made using designer fabrics and are reversible for two looks in one. These slings can be used from baby's first day far past when baby is walking. They can be worn multiple ways for various stages.

The Baby Tree also offers an ingenious invention to put an end to flying cups. The Toss Me Not Sippy Cup Holder will strap a cup to a chair or stroller to prevent baby from throwing it. This product keeps germs off of the baby's drink and can prevent accidents. It's available in several fabric patterns.

The Baby Tree is always working on bringing you new sales so check back from time to time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Shower Favors and Invitations

If you are looking for a website that has it all, look no further than Pitter Patter Creations LLC. This website has everything needed to have a baby from baby shower favors and invitations to photo birth announcements, Christening favors and gifts, and even kid's birthday party invitations. This store has it all.

Throwing a baby shower and need the perfect favor? Pitter Patter Creations has adorable baby shower favors including baby shower candy jars which can be personalized for the mom to be. These favors are very practical because they are reusable.

Pitter Patter Creations also sells baptism keepsake gifts. These long lasting keepsakes are the perfect personalized gift to celebrate baby's baptism. Be sure to visit Pitter Patter Creations Baptism boutique to find these special personalized gifts.

Pitter Patter Creations has a modern and stylish selection of kid's birthday party invitations for boys and girls. Most invitations use your child's photos to make a big impact. No grocery store bought invitations here! These invitations are perfect to include in your child's scrapbook as a memento of the special day.

You'll find a great selection of baby shower gifts or new baby gifts as well at Pitter Patter Creations. The new mom and dad will be grateful to receive any of these gifts as they are useful and fun.

If you plan on shopping with Pitter Patter Creations LLC, sign up for their newsletter for an instant 10% off your first order!

Princess Boutique

Every little girl loves to hear the sound of high heels clip clopping on the floor. It's magical to dress up like a princess or glamor girl. At I Am the Princess, a princess boutique, they have everything to make your little girl a picture perfect princess. This princess boutique also has princess dress up, princess themed parties, furniture fit for a princess and princess baby gifts!

I am the Princess offers princess paraphernalia for every age including newborns. They have moses baskets for your little prince or princess's first nights. These Moses baskets are lined with minky dot fabric which is the softest, most luxurious fabric around.

Where should a princess sleep but in a castle? I am the Princess sells a great collection of girl's princess beds fit for a princess. These princess beds would turn any room into a little girls dreamland.

Every princess needs a dress right out of a fairy tale and I am the Princess has a super collection of dress up dresses, toddler pageant dresses, baptism dresses, and flower girl dresses. If your little girl needs a dress, chances are, I am the Princess will have something she can wear.

Looking for princess room decor? I am the princess has so many room accessories to make any room a little more regal for your little one. This beautiful chandelier is a perfect example of the princess room decor available to decorate your princess's room with.

If you're looking for Moses baskets, princess beds, princess room decor, or toddler pageant dresses, you'll find everything and anything princess related at I am the Princess. Be sure to take a look at their sales and sale items!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Unique Kids and Nursery Boutique

Polka Dot Moon is a clean crisp website and a unique kids and nursery boutique. They offer beautiful and stylish products to make any baby or child's room absolutely stunning. The site is very clean and simple to navigate and great details are given in each product description. They offer a variety of products from designer girls baby bedding to hand painted kids furniture.

Polka Dot Moon offers a wide variety of designer girls baby bedding. The unique girls crib sets vary in price and style so everyone will be able to find exactly what they are looking for. As an example,the Jardin Secret Crib Bedding by Pixie Dust Decor is a simple and elegant design and a truly unique girls crib set.

Polka Dot Moon also sells a large amount of unique kids furniture. Many of their products are hand painted kids furniture. The Farmhouse Table and Chairs by New Arrivals is a great example of hand painted kids furniture that is functional and stylish.

Another product found in this unique kids and nursery boutique is the Fleurville kids lunch pack. This designer girls lunch box is a great example of the unique kids gear Polka Dot Moons sells.

Small accents can really make a room! Polka Dot Moon has many unique kids rugs to spruce up any room. Adding even a small designer kids rug to a child's room will make it feel more cozy and warm.

Be sure to stop by Polka Dot Moon for wonderful gifts such as hand painted kids furniture, unique kids gear and a fun collection of unique kids rugs. Polka Dot Moon offers free shipping on all orders over $100 and also has a sale page with new sales listed every Sunday!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Boutique Clothing

Every little baby girl should be dressed up to the nines at least once just for some good pictures. Babies are made to be spoiled and adored and what a better way to do it than in baby boutique clothing like those sold at Brea's Baby Boutique.

Brea's Baby Boutique offers some of the most adorable baby girl clothing around. They specialize in upscale children's clothing and have a nursery boutique as well. From birthday tutu sets to baby girl crib bedding, you'll find a very upscale selection of baby boutique clothing and nursery accessories.

Some of my favorite products out there now are birthday outfits for little ones! It makes it such a special day when your little one has a beautiful new and special outfit to wear for their party. Baby's 1st birthday outfits are becoming really popular and there are many out there but these birthday tutu sets by Brea's Baby Boutique are exquisite and so much fun for a little princess to wear on her special day.

Baby pettiskirts are another big hit in the boutique industry. Brea's Baby Boutique has some absolutely adorable baby pettiskirts and girl's pettiskirts. If you have a little girl, chances are they like to twirl. Give them something beautiful to twirl around in all day. You'll make one happy little girl by giving these baby pettiskirts and girl's pettiskirts as gifts.

My favorite of Brea's Baby Boutique's baby pettiskirts is this Rachel on the Flower Newborn soft pink pettiskirt. The picture alone makes me want another baby just so I could put her in this pettiskirt for pictures! How adorable is it?

Not only will you find baby boutique clothing at Brea's Baby Boutique but you'll also find some amazing baby girl crib bedding in their amazing nursery boutique. For example one product I especially love is the Girls Trend Lab Maya Crib Bedding Set. It's beautiful, durable and oh so pink! If you, or a friend is searching for baby girl crib bedding, take a look at Brea's.

One final product I just can't resist is this adorable outfit complete with headband and shoes for a baby girl. This baby girl clothing would be absolutely perfect for pictures. The next time I have a baby shower for a girl, this is the gift I'm getting. It's girly and sassy!

Brea's Baby Boutique is offering 10% off your order with the coupon code "THANKYOU10" at checkout.

Toddler Car Seat Covers

Have you ever tried to clean out a car seat? It must be one of the worst chores to fill an hour with. I think you have to be a rocket scientist and have the skinniest fingers in the world to get it done properly. And then once you get all of the cloth pieces out your left with the Cheerios, Goldfish, birthday party goody bag treasures that never made it home, and who knows what else. Once clean, it's time to put it all back together.

Ritzy Baby makes toddler car seat covers and infant car seat covers that can make this chore so much easier. How nice would it be to just grab the cover, pull it off and give it a shake. Or, even better, throw it in the washing machine! Viola, carseat is clean!

Ritzy Baby's site is an adorable place to shop. It has easy navigation to get you right to their great products and I love the reasonable prices. I've shopped for infant car seat covers before but I was turned off by the extreme prices that were involved. Not here. You can purchase an infant car seat cover complete with matching sun shade cover for as low as $62.00! A toddler car seat cover will set you back about $80. That includes minky fabric on the reverse side and matching shoulder straps.

Ritzy Baby also sells a fabulous assortment of shopping cart covers. I find these very valuable when your baby can't quite sit in a moving cart without sliding one way or another. The padding of the fabric keeps them sitting up easier and keeps them germ free. I also love that you can strap toys to the infant grocery cart covers. This can be a lifesaver in a time of need! Ritzy Baby's shopping cart covers also has plenty of pockets for paci's, cups, coupon organizers and more.

As if all of this isn't enough, these shopping cart covers can also be used as high chair covers. Haven't you been to a restaurant and been completely disgusted by the high chairs there? I've seen some covered in some strange things. These restaurant high chair covers can completely cover the high chair and keep your baby comfy and clean. Again, the toy straps and pockets come in extremely handy in a restaurant.

Ritzy Baby is offering free shipping on any order over $99 with the code: happysummer

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Handmade Baby Items

I strongly believe in gifts which are handmade for children. Those are the gifts that are truly cherished. Just the fact that someone took the time to make a gift for me or my baby is remarkable. Mostly because I am just not crafty and it amazes me with all of the great things people can make. I try to buy handmade whenever possible.

Marielynn Boutique is an exquisite online boutique offering handmade baby items and various things handmade for children. You just can't go wrong with handmade gifts. From very useful things like burp cloths and blankets to fun and frivolous things, like chalk mats and hair accessories, you'll find a great assortment of fine handmade gifts.

Let's face it, being a mom can be a dirty job. Thanks to all of the great handmade baby items, you don't have to loose your style! Marielynn Boutique offers a great assortment of baby wipe cases adorned with colorful fabrics and trim. I love that these come stocked with the baby wipes already in them!

While Marielynn's has so many things handmade for children, I especially love their handmade children's clothing. They offer boutique handmade children's clothing, tutu's, onesies and even nursing pads for those fabulous nursing moms. The botique handmade children's clothing is adorable with rompers, dresses and complete outfits for toddlers and kids.

Handmade hair accessories are another personal love of mine. I love little girls wearing bows, even if they hate it like mine do. I still force them to wear them. Even if I have to pin them down to do it. Which I do.

Marielynn's has a vast variety of handmade hair accessories from barrettes and clippies to headbands and pony O's. Whatever you need, you'll find it here.

Marielynn's Boutique makes a super product know as the chalk mat. The chalk mat is a fabulous idea to keep mom's sane. It's a roll up mat, and adorable I must add, that you can draw on with chalk. This is perfect for restaurants, airplanes, Dr. visits, or anywhere you want you kids to be quiet for five minutes.

Now you have seen some of the the great handmade baby items and things handmade for children! Perhaps you'll be inspired to shop with handmade boutiques and help support small business owners.

Look at these great discounts from Marielynn's Boutique:

15-50% off select items. Visit their sale page:
15% discount right away when you sign up for their newsletter.
Free shipping on all orders over $100.00

Saturday, July 4, 2009

QT Sunglasses

One thing I can't live without are my designer sunglasses. I love Coach and have a pair of glasses that I treat like my 4th child. It's amazing they've remained intact for as long as they have with all of the chaos in my life. When I inevitably loose them or they wind up bent or broken from my toddler, I intend to purchase designer inspired sunglasses instead. I'll get the same look at a fraction of the price. I just can't afford to spend so much money on glasses these days with three kids to care for.

QT Sunglasses is a very clean, professional website with easy navigation, crisp pictures and great customer service. They specialize in designer inspired sunglasses for men and woman. They offer sunglasses inspired by designs by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Oakley, Ray Ban and many more. This website also ships worldwide and offers a 30 day back guarantee. Why wouldn't you shop with them?

One of my favorite pair of oversize sunglasses offered by QT Sunglasses are the Dolce and Gabbana inspired sunglasses. This specific pair are available in several colors and are just adorable. How about the price? Only $14.95 for a pair of replica D&G Sunglasses! That's cheaper than the plain Jane brown sunglasses you can buy at Target!

If you like a little bit of bling, or rhinestone sunglasses, you'll love these Coach inspired sunglasses! These glasses are totally adorable with a rhinestone dragonfly on the frame. Similar Coach sunglasses have been spotted on Paris Hilton and other celebrities. Don't pay tons of money for the real Dragonfly Sunglasses, shop with QT Sunglasses and save a bundle!

Ray Ban Sunglasses are extremely popular and expensive. Get the same look with these Ray Ban inspired aviator sunglasses. These mirror sunglasses are unisex and have also been seen on numerous celebrities. These are a perfect gift for any man in your life and at $10.95, they are a steal.

If your looking for the perfect pair of black sunglasses, look no further than the Tom Ford Raquel Inspired sunglasses. They have a square frame and also come in several colors. Even if you are a busy mom and have no idea who Tom Ford is, these sunglasses are just darling and at such a low price, you can't beat it!

If your shopping for real Chanel Sunglasses, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Sunglasses from Coach or D&G, you need to take a look at the designer inspired sunglasses from QT Sunglasses. You'll be happy with the money you save and the product you get.

Shop now with QT Sunglasses and save! Use coupon code: NannyReview for 15% off your order. Plus recieve free shipping in the US and Canada! Hurry - this offer expires July 31, 2009.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Lang Company Silver Jewelry

Trying to accessorize my daily outfits consisting of sweat pants and large t-shirts is not an easy task. In fact, I'm ashamed to say, I normally don't wear any type of accessories. I long for the day when I'll be able to put on a cute necklace or bracelet to really make my outfit.

As soon as I'm able to begin to wear jewelry again, I'm going to shop at The Lang Company Silver Jewelry. They make and sell beautiful handcrafted beaded gemstone jewelry, ring holders and jewelry holders.

I love supporting woman who make their own crafts. I think it's important we all do it. Plus, you can normally find some of the greatest stuff when it's handmade.

Let's take for example, the vaseline glass jewelry made by The Lang Company Silver Jewelry. This is some amazing jewelry because the beads glows under a black light making it totally fun to wear on a night out to a club. Or more likely in my case now, cosmic bowling! The designs are beautiful and the vaseline glass beads make it so much fun.

My personal favorite thing Tracy, the owner makes, are the beautiful handmade bead bracelets. Here is a place I could go crazy shopping. Some of the glass bracelets are absolutely amazing! These would make wonderful gifts for any woman. Who wouldn't love to get a beautiful handmade bead bracelet or some other type of glass bead jewelry?

Organization is the key to happiness in my home. Everything has a place. Handcrafted beaded gemstone jewelry needs a place too! Another thing that can be found at The Lang Silver Company Jewelry are plenty of beautiful jewelry holders. They even have ring holders which are perfect by the sink so you remember to take off your rings while washing those annoying dishes.

Finally, The Lang Company has a huge selection of handmade beaded earrings, including gemstone earrings and glass earrings. There is a style of handmade earrings for everyone in their vast assortment.

The more I shop around this website, the more I love. The prices are mom friendly and the styles in jewelry range to meet every woman's taste. It's the perfect site to shop for meaningful gifts. Every mom or woman deserves a beautiful gift now and again. Even those who have sworn off accessories for a few years! This assortment of glass bead jewelry is the perfect find.

Shop at The Lang Company Silver Jewelry and use this code at checkout for a discount: TLC10 Valid until 12-31-09
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