Monday, July 13, 2009

Toddler Car Seat Covers

Have you ever tried to clean out a car seat? It must be one of the worst chores to fill an hour with. I think you have to be a rocket scientist and have the skinniest fingers in the world to get it done properly. And then once you get all of the cloth pieces out your left with the Cheerios, Goldfish, birthday party goody bag treasures that never made it home, and who knows what else. Once clean, it's time to put it all back together.

Ritzy Baby makes toddler car seat covers and infant car seat covers that can make this chore so much easier. How nice would it be to just grab the cover, pull it off and give it a shake. Or, even better, throw it in the washing machine! Viola, carseat is clean!

Ritzy Baby's site is an adorable place to shop. It has easy navigation to get you right to their great products and I love the reasonable prices. I've shopped for infant car seat covers before but I was turned off by the extreme prices that were involved. Not here. You can purchase an infant car seat cover complete with matching sun shade cover for as low as $62.00! A toddler car seat cover will set you back about $80. That includes minky fabric on the reverse side and matching shoulder straps.

Ritzy Baby also sells a fabulous assortment of shopping cart covers. I find these very valuable when your baby can't quite sit in a moving cart without sliding one way or another. The padding of the fabric keeps them sitting up easier and keeps them germ free. I also love that you can strap toys to the infant grocery cart covers. This can be a lifesaver in a time of need! Ritzy Baby's shopping cart covers also has plenty of pockets for paci's, cups, coupon organizers and more.

As if all of this isn't enough, these shopping cart covers can also be used as high chair covers. Haven't you been to a restaurant and been completely disgusted by the high chairs there? I've seen some covered in some strange things. These restaurant high chair covers can completely cover the high chair and keep your baby comfy and clean. Again, the toy straps and pockets come in extremely handy in a restaurant.

Ritzy Baby is offering free shipping on any order over $99 with the code: happysummer

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