Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sole Mate

It's refreshing to find an online boutique specializing in something other than babies, diapers, and greeting cards. Although I do love for shop for all of those things online.

Sole Mate was brought to my attention. I love the style Sole Mate brings to its shoppers. Not only that, but I love the fact that they bring the style for not a lot of cash! They have some great accessories at great prices.

If you are a Nanny Deprived mom, and you need a little sprucing up but don't dare pack up your kids to go to the mall, then this may very well be a shop for you!

Take these green heels for example. They are fun, stylish and a great shade of green! Plus, they are only priced at $28.00! You can't beat that.

These darling flip flops are also super cute and affordable. The turquoise sandals are a personal favorite of mine! For just $18.00 a pair, you can afford a few pair.

Finally, this adorable multi bangle bracelets is fun and flirty either one by one or all together. It can liven up any outfit for a fun night on the town.

Take a stroll on over to Sole Mate and browse around for some fun and affordable fashions!

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