Monday, March 1, 2010

The REAL Housemommies

Are there any other REAL HOUSEWIVES annoyed at the portrayal of the TV Shows "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ..."? I am. I understand the people they choose to go on those shows are chosen for their elegant lifestyles and the fact that they are likely to fight with one another but come on! Who lives like that? Not me.

A fabulous blog has been brought to my attention. It's fun, has lots of great conversations and you can learn a lot from a quick browse around. And it is REAL Housemommies talk. It has interesting topics that normal mommies can relate to. There are great recipes, reviews, looks at other websites relating to moms etc. It's fun, quick and easy. The way mommyhood is. Except maybe the easy.

1 comment:

  1. What? You mean, you don't have a nanny and a housekeeper?

    No weekly visits to the salon?
    No botox?
    No BIG BOOBAGE? (ala doctor made)

    And You don't shop all day, have martinis with the gals every other day for lunch??

    COME ON!!!

    Are you kidding me?


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