Friday, October 2, 2009


BabyLegs - New at Nanny Deprived!

Designed by a real mom, BabyLegs came from a need to make babies more comfortable in the early months. After designing the product, the owner saw how many uses this soft tube of fabric had. It became her mission to market it to the world, which she has done successfully. Millions of babies are proud owners of BabyLegs and have warmer and more stylish legs to thank her with.

The uses of BabyLegs are endless. Of course it can be used for babies, which was the primary cause of the product. Newly crawlers need protection on their knees. BabyLegs is a cushion that allows them to crawl freely while wearing a one peice suit or t shirt. In summer months, while wearing a short romper, BabyLegs can easily be added to give that cushion to the crawling baby.

Diaper changes are extremely easier when babies get to that stage where they no longer wish to be bothered with the changing. When you've already got a baby who is resisting being changed, it's so much easier to not have to deal with trying to get pants on.

Wearing leg warmers at nighttime is another great use. Allowing your baby to keep their legs warm without a constricting tummy band will ensure good sleep and warm babies.

Potty training is another great time for these toddler leg warmers. Toddlers are much quicker at getting underpants off when they don't have to worry about outer pants.

The extra warmth given by BabyLegs brings us to another whole category of uses. They can be worn under pants during real cold months. Little girls who love to wear dresses can slip a pair of BabyLegs on under their dress and continue to wear them well into the winter. Boys love athletic pants but if they are unlined, they can get cold in the winter. Toddler leg warmers are comfy and warm underneath.

BabyLegs can even be used while playing in the snow to protect wrists and ankles from exposure. Just use the leg warmers to overlap the mittens and coats or the boots and snow pants for added warmth and to keep the snow out of those sensitive parts.

Most BabyLegs are one size fits all. One pair can be used for multiple family members and various uses. You'll be amazed at the things you'll find to do with this product. Something so simple can be used for so many things!

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