Friday, September 11, 2009

Wool Diaper Covers and Potty Training Pants

Ah, the world of cloth diapers. It's a scary and overwhelming world to those who are not familiar with it. For those who are a part of this small world, they are constantly looking for the best product and website to find those products.

Tidbit Couture is a fabulous web site offering wool diaper covers and potty training pants along with all of your cloth diapering needs. They specialize in wool diaper covers and offer lots of information about caring for your diapers and why you should choose wool diaper covers over cotton or other fabrics. They also offer basic cloth diaper information which I greatly appreciate. Tidbit Couture has taken the time to explain all of the crazy terms used to differentiate between cloth diaper products. If you need to learn about prefolds, doublers, liners or any other terms, you can read about them all at Tidbit Couture. Thank you!

One of Tidbit Courture's special products is their organic wool diaper covers. These diaper covers are created with certified organic Merino wool. The wool soakers come in natural colors and allow lots of growing due to the wools super stretching ability.

If cloth diapers aren't your thing, chances are you'll be interested in this next product. Every child goes through that terrible time of potty training. Finding training pants can be difficult. Of course you know you need absorbent undies for those first days of potty training. Tidbit Couture has organic cotton potty training pants with extra absorbent areas. These toddler training pants come in fun colors to let your little one be excited and proud to wear them.

Finally, Tidbit Couture offers wool longies or wool baby pants to keep your little one warm during those cold months. They come in hand dyed colors and are made with organic Merino wool.

Wither you are an expert in the world of cloth diapering or just want to take a peek at it, Tidbit Couture is a great place to be.

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