Monday, August 3, 2009

A Variety of Baby Slings

I didn't believe in slings for babies. I thought they looked uncomfortable and unsafe. When I had my second baby I had a friend make a ring sling for me and I tried it. After the first time I wore my baby I was hooked. My third baby lived in her sling from day one. It was easier for me to "sling her" than carry the giant honking baby carrier/car seat around in stores. I had three kids to take grocery shopping and I needed easy. Plus my daughter loved the movement and snuggily feeling. I loved having her close, within reach of me but able to have my arms free. The sling was the greatest baby accessory I ever bought.

Baby So Smart is a retailer of fine baby slings. They carry almost every type of sling available and know a great deal about slinging and the benefits of slinging your baby. If you are new to the idea of slinging or know exactly what you are looking for, take a look at the great styles, fabrics and designs of slings available at Baby So Smart. They offer Mei Tai baby carriers, ring slings, silk baby slings and more.

One of my favorite slings sold by this company is the Inspiration Sling which is a ring sling made with a cashmere/silk blend of fabric. It's reversible for two great looks and I'm sure it's super soft to the touch. Silk baby slings are perfect for newborn babies to wrap them in the softest fabric available.

The Mei Tai baby carrier is also available at Baby So Smart. I love their fabrics and style of Mei Tai carrier. The Mei Tai is an old Asian style of carrier and their fabrics look Asian inspired which is a fun and popular design today. These carriers are great for older babies and even small children. They custom make your Mei Tai to your specifications to make the absolute perfect carrier for you.

Baby So Smart is offering a sale for our readers. Just use the coupon code "NanDep" at checkout for a 20% discount. Not valid on sale items and it expires 30 days from the publish date of this blog entry.

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